Wednesday, December 7, 2011


You gave form to the Grinning King.

He was trapped and you brought him forth and restored him to his former glory.   Perhaps even moreso.

We need that information.

We need to know how.  It is imperative that we know how.

You do not need to know why.

Why does not concern you.

We will not stop until we get it.

We will.  Never.  Stop.

We missed the Queen of Swords on purpose.

We will not miss again.

We can see the signs of the Grinning King.  We will wait where his prey is.

Or perhaps we will plant false signs.  As we did before.

You have no choice but to help them.

You have no choice but to tell us.

The others are not as patient as I.

Ten hates you.  She hates you so much.  She will use pain.

I will simply ask.

Give us the information.  Tell us how you freed the Grinning King.

Or else.

--The Knight of Coins


  1. You know what, it concerns the hell out of me Coin boy. Because that sort of knowledge can be used to free more things like him. Why don't you come to Michigan. You, me, and my knife can have a little talk about what you intend to use this information for.

  2. Ten wishes to know if she can bring her rifle.

  3. And I thought Knights were supposed to be honorable. Bringing a gun to a knife fight is just bad form.

  4. Sexy lookin' wallpaper you got in this place. The champagne better be damn good too, 'cause you obviously got some moolah floatin' around if you know what I'm sayin'. You've got all of the honeys. All of them.

    Stay frosty.