Sunday, December 25, 2011

Just Give In

Really, it's easier if you just give in.

And really, why wouldn't you?

Don't you want to see what will happen?

Think about it. We might be able to shape a monster! An unkillable, unstoppable creature made in our own images! Or at least, released by us!

I know you like to think of this as good versus evil, as helping the innocent, but here's a little secret: everyone's fucked anyway. I know you've read about all these Fear/Elemental things. Would one more really hurt humanity's chances any more than they've already been hurt?

We would have our names on it, so to speak. This could be our signature on the epitaph of humanity. We would be immortalized in our own doom.

A doom which, I must re-iterate, we were going towards anyway.

Your truly,

the Ace of Wands

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