Monday, January 2, 2012

I Know You Are Up To Something

You're evading us so far.  It will not last forever, I assure you.

We will figure out whatever you are doing.  You have to find the Smiling Man.  You have to try to help his victims.  You cannot not fall into our trap.

It would be easier if you just stopped your games and sat down with us to talk like reasonable people.

We know you have split up.  We know there are two teams.  We know which victim you are trying to save.

This will not work.  We will find you.

The Knight of Coins


  1. And I take the horsy with my castle looking thing.

  2. Don't be silly. I'm clearly talking about the crown-headed thing's horsy going to stand in front of the cross-headed thing's whistle-looking piece.

  3. That means you get triple word score.