Monday, July 30, 2012

I do not have long.

Ace has me.  Ace is...working for that thing.  That  thing that came out of my brother.  That thing that used to be my brother.  It is a King, of sorts.  It is terrible, in the older sense of the word.  Ace made me look at it, and now I see wherever I look.  I carry a part of it in me, I fear, and it will erode me like it does the others if I stay here too long.  This was the plan all along.  Ace wants to serve it.  Has served it.  He thinks he can control it.

I don't think he understands what it is.  I doubt he can understand, but I don't have long, and neither does anyone else here.

We have to stop it.

I'm sorry, Ten.  You'll know where to find me.

You can lead the others to me.  I can help.  I have to help.  This is my fault and I must atone.

Please stop this.

Help me put my brother out of his misery.

They've found me.

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

I Swear to Christ

I am going to kill myself if I have to endure another night of those two cuddling and flirting.

Anyway, looks like I'm alone on this blog.  Can't get a hold of Ace.  Maybe he thinks I've been compromised.

Or maybe this was his plan all along and we got played like a busker's fiddle.

I need to find one of the others.  Knight.  Or King.  If he's still alive.  Alice doesn't think he is, but she's just as in the dark as I am.

I'd be more resentful of her if she hadn't rescued me.

I don't know what to think of them.  Except that Jeanette has a mean right hook.  I was so set up to hate them.  But the situation's changed, I guess.

I still hate "Penny".  But...I think, in the end, I was just blaming her  for what was equally my fault.  No one forced me to doctor shitty images and write shitty creepypasta any more than anyone "forced" me to write the terrible FFVII fanfic I got my old screenname from.

We're trying to get a plan.  But I'm not sure it'll work.  But it'll feel good to do something.

Maybe I'll find Knight while I'm at it.  Or Ace.

But at this point, Ace had better hope that it's not him I find.